We are a family run business with over 5 decades of combined experience in the insulated bag industry

Meet our executive team

Patrick Reiner


Patrick Reiner has served as a Director of the Company and Chief Executive Officer since July 2007. Mr. Reiner completed his studies in the summer of 2007 after receiving a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from Johns Hopkins University followed by a M.S. in Financial Mathematics from Florida State University.

Edith Reiner


Edith Reiner, founder of the Company, has served as a Director and President since 2006. Ms. Reiner has pioneered the sale of insulated bags in North America since 1998 by introducing a product that was heretofore virtually unknown in the Western Hemisphere. With over two decades of experience, Ms. Reiner is playing a crucial role in propelling American Bag Company to new heights.

Reinaldo Larez


Reinaldo Larez received a B.S. in Business Administration in Caracas, Venezuela. Specializing in finance, he contributes much of the expertise acquired during his eight year career as a financial advisor. He has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company since 2006 and is responsible for budget management, financial planning and data analysis.

Bringing you the future of bag manufacturing, today.

  • Hi-tech German manufacturing plant with fully automated production for maximum food safety and hygiene
  • Specialized process using exclusively recyclable polyethylene that requires the least amount of raw materials thus resulting in the smallest carbon footprint
  • Entire bag, including the handle, is recyclable as one unit
  • Bags are constructed from one complete film
    without sewn seams or pockets, and do not harbor or support bacterial growth.
  • Unparalleled print quality with photo-like, vivid colors

Available everywhere in the United States.

  • Fast delivery times to all 50 states
  • State-of-the-art distribution centers in Orlando, FL and Phoenix, AZ
  • Automated tracking system to minimize and correct errors
  • Fully EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integrated
  • Over 25 independent sales reps and 100 distributors servicing customers in all 50 states
  • A dedicated and knowledgable staff delivering top-quality customer service

Proudly serving some of the best customers in the world.

Whatever your insulated bag needs, we are here for you.

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