We are a family-run business and have decades of combined experience in the insulated bag industry.

Meet our executive team

  • Patrick
    Patrick Reiner CEO in

    Patrick Reiner has served as a Director of the Company and Chief Executive Officer since July 2007. Mr. Reiner completed his studies in the summer of 2007 after receiving a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from Johns Hopkins University followed by a M.S. in Financial Mathematics from Florida State University.

  • Edith
    Edith Reiner President in

    Edith Reiner, founder of the Company, has served as a Director and President since 2006. Ms. Reiner has pioneered the sale of insulated bags in North America since 1998 by introducing a product that was heretofore virtually unknown in the Western Hemisphere. With over a decade of experience, Ms. Reiner is playing a crucial role in propelling American Bag Company to new heights.

  • Rey
    Reinaldo Larez CFO in

    Reinaldo Larez received a B.S. in Business Administration in Caracas, Venezuela. Specializing in finance, he contributes much of the expertise acquired during his eight year career as a financial advisor. He has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company since 2006 and is responsible for budget management, financial planning and data analysis.

We have 3 parts to our business

  • Manufacturing
    • Hi-tech manufacturing plant
    • Fully automated production for maximum food safety and hygiene
    • Produce large quantities quickly with low defective rates
  • Logistics
    • State-of-the-art warehouses in Tampa, FL and Phoenix, AZ
    • Automated tracking system to minimize and correct errors
    • Fast delivery times to all 50 states
  • Service
    • A dedicated and knowledgable staff delivering top-quality customer service
    • Over 25 independent sales reps servicing customers in all 50 states
    • Over 100 distributors

Our products can be divided into 2 categories, classic insulated bags and custom insulated bags.

  • 1

    Classic Insulated Bags

    These are the bags that created the generic trademark "Hot or Cold bags." They have the most recognizable designs and were the first thermal bags of their kind in North America.

    Offering customers the highest quality insulated bags on the market, at affordable prices, is what made American Bag Company famous. When it comes to quality, our premium series has no equal.

  • 2

    Custom Insulated Bags

    Take our classic insulated bag, remove our design, add your own custom artwork. The result is a high quality, reusable, walking billboard. Our printing technique protects your artwork from smearing, fading, staining, and damage to ensure the image lasts as long as the bag.

    Regardless of your business industry you can appreciate the residual advertising effects our custom bags can offer you.

Our corporate office is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.